06 July 2011

Jshoxx 2011: 夏だ! Day 1 Meeting Venue and Time+ Packing List!

Hello Campers!! :D
4 more days to Jshoxx 2011: 夏だ!!! I hope all of you are looking forward to the camp like we are! (:

Here are some important information for you, regarding:
A. What to bring,
B. Meeting venue and time (:

The following are a suggested list of what you should bring for this 4-day camp! It is encouraged that you follow our packing list so that you can maximise fun and safety during the camp. ^^

1. 4 sets of Clothing (min. 1 set of dark clothing)
2. Undergarments
3. A small bag to lug around (eg slingbag)
4. Toiletries
5. Personal Medication
6. Good pair of shoes + socks
7. Slippers
8. Water bottle
9. Indemnity Form (if you haven't handed in yours)
10. Ezlink card (recommended value >20 dollars)
11. Some cash to buy own food/snacks etc etc
12. Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
13. Handphone charger
14. Insect Repellent
15. Umbrella
16. Sunblock
17. Lots of energy!!!!!

We will be meeting on 11th July, Monday at 12 noon at the Central Forum! :D Please have your own lunch before making your way here! (:

Okay where is the Central Forum?

The Central Forum is the space outside The Forum Bookstore, which is located at the ground level of the Central Library. Therefore, once you find the Central Library, you will see the Central Forum. The Central Library is a landmark on the NUS Campus Map.

Here are some clear directions as to how to reach the Central Library!

If you still need help finding us, feel free to call Jing Yu (92292735) or Kin Wai (81278979)!

If you have any other enquiries about the camp, you can reply to nusjss@gmail.com ! :D

Otherwise, rest well and see you on Monday! ^^

30 June 2011


NUS JSS FOC Committee is proud to welcome HELLOASIA.JP on board as our next sponsor for this year’s FOC!!!

Helloasia.Jp (ハローアジア) is a newly opened Japanese Community Website targeting individuals who work and study in Singapore. The portal is entirely in Japanese and features blog entries, image and video galleries, commentaries, forums, events and phone listings. We are most honoured in having their support in our society’s activities and events.

Have a look at our past collaboration effort in aid of the earthquake victims in Japan: シンガポールからのビデオメッセージ

Do support Helloasia.Jp by visiting their website and liking their page on Facebook! o(^^o)(o^^)o

28 June 2011


NUS JSS FOC Committee is proud to welcome FROLICK on board as our next sponsor for this year’s FOC!!!
Frolick brings to you cool, frosty frozen yogurt that’s low in fat but high in flavor, piled high with a myriad of toppings that run the gamut from fresh fruits and nuts to crunchy cereals and chocolate chips. It sure makes for a perfect pick-me-up in our perpetual 夏 heat. Your tastebuds and your waistline will thank you.

Outlets @ Hougang Mall | Serangoon Gardens | Tampines 1 | Holland Village | Bugis Junction | The Cathay | Cathay Cineleisure Orchard | Millenia Walk | Bukit Batok Central

Do support Frolick by visiting their website and liking their page on Facebook!( ̄ー ̄)

26 June 2011

Payment Information

We will be collecting camp fees!

Venue: Starbucks @ Raffles City (City Hall MRT Station)
Time: 12pm to 6pm
Date: 2 July 2011

Please bring $35 for camp fees and indemnity form for submission.

We look forward to see you!

19 June 2011


NUS JSS FOC Committee is proud to welcome BONJ, THE JAPAN CENTRAL on board as one of our sponsors for this year’s FOC!!!

BONJ, THE JAPAN CENTRAL (BonJapan) is the LEADING ONE-STOP STATION for imported Japanese products in Singapore. BonJapan specializes in selling imported snacks and confectionary, products that promote Japan culture, fashion and lifestyle, as well as any other products related to Japan. Their catalogue is constantly updated according to the 4 seasons in Japan, including many seasonal products that are limited only to Japan: Japanese snacks, Character toys, lifestyle items, figurines, manga, and many more!

Interested to know more about them? You may visit them at:

* BONJAPAN PORTAL (Currently undergoing construction, Official relaunch on 24th June 2011)

* Japan Roadshow hosted by Orchard Central (18th to 23rd June 2011)

* Mega Flea Market @ Singapore Expo (24th to 26th June 2011)

* NEW JAPAN STATION OUTLET @ Orchard Central (Opening End July 2011)

Do support BonJapan by liking their page on Facebook! \(=^o^=)/

16 June 2011


Although Summer in Japan can be hot and humid, what better way to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery than to watch or even participate in one of Japan's lively festivals? Summer months (July to August) are filled with celebrations, with includes parades, fireworks and many folks dancing along the streets.

Here are some of Japan’s most famous festivals and celebrations in summer:

Awa Odori

The Awa Dance Festival (阿波踊り, Awa Odori) is the largest and most famous dance festival
held across Japan during the Obon Season. "Awa" is the former name for Tokushima
Prefecture while "Odori" means dance. Between August 12th and 15th, spectators and
dancers come to Tokushima in the thousands to see this "Fool's Dance" whose origins date
back 400 years. This nickname comes from the lyrics to a common dance song, which
translates as follows: "Fools dance and fools watch, if both are fools, you might as well

Gion Festival

Gion Festival is a festival held annually at Kyoto’s Yasaka Shrine in the entire month of
July. It takes its name from Kyoto’s Gion district. The highlight of this festival is the splendid
pageant of some 30 floats called Yamaboko proceeding along the main streets of Kyoto
on the 17th. Each float, two-storied and about 6 meters tall, is topped with a long pole
shaped like a spear. They are sometimes even described as 'mobile art museums’ due to its
exquisic craftsmanship.


The Yoiyama festival is held at night preceding the main attraction on the 17th. Floats
displayed in the town are lit up with dozens of lights, and the festive music known as Gion-
bayashi can be heard almost everywhere in the town streets.

Fireworks Display (花火大会)

Summer can never be completed without fireworks display. Almost every night, communities around Japan stage lively firework displays colourfully enlivening the night skies. The biggest of these is the display over the Sumida River which is a major event on the cultural calendar of Tokyo, with spectacular multicoloured layers that blossom into the night sky to awe the millions of spectators gathered along the banks or in boats on the river.

06 June 2011

Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011

Welcome to our world filled with nothing but Japanese as you will feel the Jshoxx fever for the entire stay in NUS.

To all those thinking whether this is the right FOC to join, please consider this. As we follow the Japanese philosophy to be modest at all times, we are not going to promise you that our orientation would be the wildest, most exciting and jam packed with babes and hunks (although there are a few). What we can promise you is that you will definitely get to make friends with the same interests and live through the best Japanese experience of your lives outside Japan, of course. We do what the Japanese do best, that is to relax, and chill. Be prepared for surprises for this orientation as you will never know when you will be part of a big family. Come, sign up with us and bring your tomodachi(friends) too!

We look forward to seeing you!

30 May 2011

Updates from Surveying Chalet Area

These are the pictures that we took on the day the planning committee went to survey the Chalet area.
This is the chalet that we will be staying at for the duration of the camp!

Something fun will take place here! Join us for the camp to find out more!
It's Summer! Let's go to the sea!

21 May 2011

Welcome to our Orientation Camp Blog!

Hello there!

Welcome to our Orientation Blog!

On the panel to the right, we have the camp details for this year. As of now, Signup is now OPEN!

We will be having our camp in Changi Garden Chalet G from 11th July to 14th July, cost of the camp would be $35.

We promise it will be a fun filled and the most relaxing camp you can ever enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! =D